I fantasize about a much younger girl...

You're 16. I'm 30. You're legal in this state, so I could f*** you and not wind up in jail. Your parents would kill me, but honestly I don't care at this point. You've got such an amazing body, such a dirty mind. You know it and you flaunt it.

Your parents trust you to be alone with me because they know I wouldn't ever make a move on you. They're right, I wouldn't, even though deep down I want to. But if you ever make the slightest move on me - kiss me, touch me, anything - I'm going to let you do anything and everything you want to do with me, parents be damned. It'll be our little secret...

Sep 4, 2011

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  • theres nothing wrong with this. once a someone turns 16 theyre fair game. Thats how it should be too.

    girls like older men, men like younger girls

    whats the problem? Its not pedophilia, as 16 year old girls are post pubescent.

    However, every girl ive ever f***** is only about 2 years or so younger.

  • I think that's hot, I'm 16 and I have a huuuuge crush on an almost 30 year old man and DAMN if HE made a move.... I would let him do as he damn pleased(:

  • Wouldn't it be funny if you were the girl he was posting about, and neither of you knew it, so neither of you made a move? Wait, no, that would be terrible. :(

  • A 30 year old male... afraid of a 16 year old's parents.


    What a p****.

  • Key words there. Parents. Who could be axe wielding crack heads for all we know. Keep your insignificant criticisms to yourself when you know full well you'd just rape a minor. Sick little person.

  • Hey guy... As far as "RAPING" a minor goes, Im 18 ;) I have s** with girls under 18 all the time, as a matter of fact, thats what really gets me off!

    Its not rape, if they want it too.

    And yeah, your a p****.

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