I was pregnant with my son. The father

I was pregnant with my son. The father and I lived blissfully through the whole pregnancy. I worked up until the very last minute. He sat at home and did nothing. The night before my scheduled c-section, he gets up at about 11:00 and tells me that the baby isn't his, and that he is leaving. He calls his dad and gets picked up and I don't see him for 2 weeks. Then he shows up at my house and wants to see the baby. He picks him up and asks his dad, "Does he look like me?"
Then he leaves again. Somehow he talks me into letting him come back a few weeks later. I am an idiot, and just want to be a family with my baby's father. I end up pregnant again 3 months. The father still had no job, and was constantly doing things to make me want to kill him, like driving my car after I go to bed, with no license and getting it impounded. Like going to jail over and over and over. Like leaving the kid in the apartment and walking down the street to hang out with his friends.Like letting me walk in and catch him at this fat, skanky girl's house, making out with her on her couch. Like giving me chlamydia while I was pregnant. It took me 2 years to leave. I know, I am a fool for putting up with it. Now all I want is for him to grow up and be a dad. He has only seen our daughter a few times. She is a year old this month. And he is living two states away with his damn grandmother and won't even pay child support. I want to find him and choke him to death. I hate him so much for being a loser. For taking off and abandoning his damn kids.

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  • Honey, call Maury Povich, get you a DNA test so you can collect that child support!!!!

  • a man will only treat you as bad as you will let him

  • Why did you even f*** that loser in the first place? I'm sorry but it's hard for me to have sympathy for woman in your position. How could you have lived blissfully while he sat at home and you worked throughout the pregnancy? You knew what kind of person he was before you got with him. I don't care how attracted you were to him or how much you loved him. You should have used a little bit of self control and passed him up. That's why i haven't dated anyone or had s** with anyone in two years. I haven't met anyone that i thought would be a good enough father for my children. Not that i'm trying to have a kid or anything, it's just that when you're having s** there's always the possibility for pregnancy. You have to look at the big picture not just the fine guy standing in front of you. You should have been more careful.

  • i know right know it really sucks but you really need to move on and forget that a****** and be there for your kids! As for child support you need to get a lawyer and take him to court. it sounds like he'll probley say there not his but a DNA test will fix that! but you really need to just move on that guys a loser and you souldnt even want him around your kids cause then stupid ways will rub off on them. the guys and a****** take care of yourself and kids!!!

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