MY life

Hi Im a 13 year old girl and i had trouble in MY life enough to want harm myself MY mom and DAD spelt when i was 3 so that HURT to but all i said was IT DOESN'T HURT but it did but now MY mom got married to let just call him J****** ok so when they got married he thought he could control me i was 5 when they did but i didn't care i only listened to people i trusted mostly MY uncle so when he tried to control me i didn't take it i would scream i understand i understand but he was a tool and still is ok so when MY uncle died MY real DAD took me away for little bit to breath so MY brother came to to help but then when Im 12 he started hurting MY mom so i took and got in his face and said "touch her like that again and you won't be on the floor you'd be dead" then i kicked him in the not so nice place and he said ok so he left for a week for work but my brother and i new other wise so i couldn't stand him i told MY mom and she kicked me out to live with MY DAD so i did and haunt see her yet Im almost 15 and i go to that house when neither J****** or MY mother are there to see MY baby sister is HURT and they are not there i took care of her that day till they got back and called C.P.S and MY dad took all of us in and we sewed MY mother and J****** i got throw life from there ok but then my big brother left and it went all down hill i was raped and kidnapped for 2 weeks before i left no i didn't come out dirty i came out pregnant and had to leave the state because of rude b****** being b****** i told my mother i was pregnant but all she did was call ne a w**** and said i should die along side that baby she thought i couldn't do it but i did Im raising a beautiful baby boy that's 2 and we moved in with MY brother and his befriend which is now MY boyfriend no s** yet he knows Im not even close to wanting to but he said he'll wait for me Im blessed thanks for reading MY life

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  • Good look with the rest of your life, hope it works out for you.

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