I cannot believe...

I did this, I cheated, on my girlfriend, with my ex, the first girl I ever fell in love with, and vice versa for her.

We were eachother's firsts for everything. We lost contact for a long while, our choice, since talking was painful.

Just recently got back in touch, decided to watch a movie, even with friends around. Time to sleep, had a few drinks, wasn't drunk, or tipsy, she said it'd better to stay instead of risk driving, sensible.

Sleep in the same bed, it's small, so we're obviously touching...

One thing led to another, we had s**. It had been four years since our first time.
I feel utterly heartbroken and awful, that I have broken my vow to never do that.

I've become no better then any other sleeze out there.

I just...I need something to help get rid of this dread.

Sep 5, 2011

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  • If you guys are broken up no wonder but that is terrible and i feel so sorry for your girlfriend and your stupid ex girlfriend is going to break your heart again and again and keep you dangling till your gone
    I am a girl and if my boyfriend did that to me i would cry my heart out and never ever forgive him
    I hope you have luck finding a better girlfriend then her...

  • Haha I wonder if your angelic girlfriend did something you dont know about haha!

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