Now there gone.

Me and my boyfriend of a year on and off have for the first time officially ended. I can't sleep with the thought of him being gone, he fights so hard to keep me and then decided in the course of an hour he didnt love me and in fact didnt even think he liked me as more than a friend. This completely crushed me, he's the only guy who has ever loved me through everything, who stood by me in my worst moment and then just decided he didnt love me anymore? i cant think of anything that i did and can't understand how he can just forget about me like this?? Everytime i try to sleep i just want to break down and cry, i've been tossing and turning over an overdose all night and the more i think the better it sounds, the only reason i can't do it is because i want him to relise he still loves me which can't happen if im dead...but he made it clear he will NEVER love me again...

Feb 29, 2012

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  • Never let an a****** get the best of you. I have been right where you are now. It gets better, I promise! Don't try to stop the pain. You have to feel it and walk through it. If you delay it, it will just keep hurting. You won't feel this way forever, but if you O.D. you will be dead forever. Last option not so cool.

  • Try not to let the mood of the moment overshadow your entire life. I've been where you are, and, believe it or not, someone far better came along. Sadly, some people let one disappointment s**** up their entire lives. Nobody is worth that, and you are worth far more.

    It might help you to do searches about ways to get over the loss of a love. I did this many years ago and it helped me immensely. Today I'm happy with a wonderful person in my life that I'm married to, and when I look back on some heartaches I have to wonder why I let myself get so down about them, and I realize life held a greater happiness for me, and I grew from the heartbreaks instead of them breaking me, though it was hard at the time to get over the losses.

    Anyone who would break up with you is probably not worthy of you in the first place. You can and will find a better person for you, and maybe this guy will see the light and come back, though his behavior suggests he's not good enough for you, and that you can do far better and have the happiness you deserve.

  • Oh Jesus. That's f****** s*****. I'm sorry for you. Someone will love you again. You seem sweet. Some people break up with others over their own issues. This might actually have little to do with you.

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