I hate my siblings

I hate my family k so this is my life i went into foster care wen i was a kid stayed there till i was 18 then got out oh the reason i went in was cuz my mom was a coke head an my dad wasnt an option cuz he was a heroin junkie so obv i have alot of social anxieties but i do alright at fakin bein normal altho ithink about suicide all the time so my mom sobered up an had 3 new kids wit this new guy hes fat way below her standards but he would nvr dump her right so there 3 4 5 an im 18 she had them while me an my 2 older sisters weren't allowed contact wit her so anyway the 3 of em r little ** an my mom has cut my older sisters out of the family cuz there on welfare an 1 does drugs but its cuz she ** them up so bad i jus went 2dads wake cuz he overdosed havent seen him in eight years b4 that my mom has her sugar daddy pay 4 everythin has money but i have 2 pay her 700 bucks a month 4 a room and if i yell at the kids or anything she freaks out they destroy everything they broke my glasses 200 bucks gone

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Love you

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  • I sorta grew up like you, but for me one parent was an addict and the other a dealer. You're not alone

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