I'm only with my boyfriend because i don't want to start over again

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and i feel that i am ready for kids and marriage... just not with him. He makes me mad sometimes and it frustrates me because everything is centered around him. He see's his family every day of the week and never wants to just be alone with me. I am conStantly doing things for him and to keep our house in order but he won't even do a simple task like go down to the shops and get dinner so i don't need to do it after work. I am always running around after him and he expects it becauSe his mum does it. He never appreciates what i do and can't understand why i sometimes need alone time. I hate him but i love him. Well i think i love him. I want a baby and i want to get married. I think I'm just hanging around cause i I'm too run down to find another relationship.

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  • Take your chances and leave. There is always someone else.

  • Jeez girl, get your ass out of there now!

    I was in a similar situation, where I stuck it out for 3 years with a moron.

    He ain't never going to change and neither is your guy. And harsh as it is, it will be tough and incredibly hard to start over, but in time you'll wish you done it sooner.

    DON'T marry this guy just out of ease. It will get a heck of a lot worse in the future. He's had 2 years to buck his ideas up, plenty of time to adjust and be a grown up. He ain't gonna change now.

    Do it, or you will be unhappy for the rest of your married life :)

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