Thanks for adopting me...

No really, thanks for adopting me. After my real mom decided to give me away, you picked me up. I'm glad. But you forgot to tell me about the whole adoption thing for 18 years... And lied to me. Yea, I didn't like that. And I never thought I was adopted, so what was the issue when I was growing up? Nothing. Its the lying that really p***** me off. And after you sat me down on the couch that day, and confessed your "little white lie" I wasnt that mad at my sister, or mom. Only at you "dad." You were sometimes a stupid man, and now you can't make the excuse "Oh well I'm your dad" anymore. But there is one good thing about finally telling me that I'm adopted, right after the end of highschool. And that is that I'm not related to any of you. And you know how some kids l*** for their mom, or sister. Well I have before. But I'll tell you what, your wife and I f****** loved each other. Yeah yeah, you decided that after telling me about the adoption it would be nice to raise my "spirits" by sending me to Spain with my mom (because you knew that I liked her more than you.) And I did like it. It took one day there for us to start having s**. We had a nice little affair for 9 days. Thats what you f****** deserve "Dad"

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  • Oh, and you wanted to f*** your mom because you weren't raised with her. It's called Westermarck effect, you f****** r*****.

  • The Westermarck effect...needs to be put into "effect" when you are an infant.

  • My alocoholic parents used to beat me as a child. They got devorced and used me as a p*** to get back at each other. They can't accept that I'm bisexual or transgender. They talk to me about their s** lives. My dad flirts with me sometimes. My stepdad used to actively try to f*** me before he and my mom split. I've never had a real relationship or any real friends who never used me for s** or drugs. Most of my drug-buddies are dead or in jail or insane. The man who was a stand-in for my father growing up committed suicide because he was dying of AIDS. I can't succeed in killing myself for some reason. The guy at The Trevor Project laughed at me when I called them. I was born with a v***** and I DON'T HAVE A F****** D***. Because I don't have a d***, and because my parents are sick f****, I have been depressed most of my life. The medication I used to take for my depression causes graphic hallucinations and has done perminant brain damage.

    F*** you and f*** your problems. Seriously, if you had told me these things in person, I would have beaten f****** senseless you ungreatful f***. F***. YOU. At least your parents give two f****** s**** about you, you stupid f****** f***.

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