There's this guy in my school that i really like. He's my ideal type.
There were many times that i caught him looking at me.
At first i couldn't tell if he did that because he secretly liked me or because he thought i'm plain weird.. Soon, he started to act strange. Whenever he walked past me or saw me, his charming smile faded in a matter of seconds. It seemed like he was not happy whenever he saw me.

I've never talked to him before so i tried to find ways to do so.

When it was his birthday, i posted a birthday greeting on his fb wall. This was my chance, i thought. Several days passed after his birthday, i saw that he responded to EVERY SINGLE greeting on his wall EXCEPT FOR MINE. I thought that it was only a minor thing, but surprisingly i felt hurt after realising how insignificant i was to him.

This just doubled the pain i had in me as i just went through a failed relationship. I thought liking someone new would help me get over this. Now i'm starting to hate myself. How i wish i was good-looking, so that he would notice me in a good way.

My lovelife is an EPIC FAIL. Most of the guys i liked slammed me for being ugly, leaving my heart crushed. All i ever get from boys are dreadful insults. I hate being the hopeless girl whom nobody wants. The worst feeling in the world is not being liked back by the person you like.

Sep 12, 2011

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