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So I'm 14 and going into highschool. Yesterday I was hanging out with this guy I really like and 2 of his friends. We went to his friends house and they started smoking weed. I'm kinda a good kid. I had never tried drugs before or had s**. I did drink but that's only once in awhile. So we were in his friends room n they were smoking it n listening to wiz kalifah. I wanted to go because I didn't want to get caught, he lives in apartments and the smell was really strong. But after a little bit I stared to get more comfortable n not so uptight. While they were passing it around I smoked
it afew times. Then after that me and the guy in liked went to the kitchen n started making out. I don't know why because I'm not the kind of girl who would do that type of thing. When we met up with all our other friends they could totally smell it on us and were like freaking out. The thing that scares me the most about yesterday is that I liked it. I liked smoking weed. I know people are going to be like no big deal, but I feel just bad about it. But then at the same time I feel like a bad ass too and want to do it again. Ugh I just don't know...

Jun 20, 2012

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  • hunn it is normal to feel bad for doing this kind of thing and fracley you should... People act like weed isn't a big deal when really it is... Your not even u when you smoke it and its just not the best for your health. It is wrong to do and at your young age you shouldnt be thinking or doing drugs, It will effect your future if you do get addicted and it can ruin your life and relationships. I am around the same age as you (15) and i know it is bad to smoke and stuff and you sould be responsible enough to know it too. You will want it again but when that happens go for a walk, get some air, call up a friend who doesnt care for drugs and u will feel better and realize you dont need it and that u souldnt want it.

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