Her lie.

She lied to make me happy. Yeah, I told her I cared. I didn't lie. She really did mean the world to me and still does, just like I told her. I put her in a corner when I told her how much I cared. I didn't care if she said anything back. I even told her that. I just didn't want her to lie but, she did. She told me that she loved me back and she told me that she cared. But as the days went by, she drifted away and eventually disappeared and became nothing but a memory, a fading dream. Now that I think back I wonder what I would have done different. I was confident and straight forward with her. When I look in the future I wonder if it will be the same. I wonder if anyone will ever care about me and if they don't if I will be able to handle it. Sometimes I just wish that I could fall asleep and dream eternally. But then, that's a dream in itself, isn't it?

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  • she probably backed away because she lied and feels bad about it. or maybe she feels bad she can't reciprocate your feelings. either way, don't worry about finding someone else to love you back. you sound like a sweet person. it is a risk to open up to others and try to love again but that is part of life.

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