I wrote an article called: i kinda wanna...

you might wanna read it to know the whole story...

i was thinking ofhaving s** with my boyfriend. we're both virgins though.

i'd like advice on s**

i want to know how we can enjoy ourselves in bed. if anyone could give me some advice i'd appreciate it.

if anyone could give me advice on how to NOT throw up while performing oral s** or any advice on going oral in general, i'd appreciate it... that going oral thing sounded beyond wrong.

i'd also like to know what i should do to prepare for s** (other than birth control and condoms please) and how i could go about getting my boyfriend and i in the mood...

then again, is consemating a relationship really neccessary? some people don't even consider themselves married until they've had s**!


i'd appreciate any helpful advice given. but if you want to rant about abstinence, go somewhere else, because i didn't ask to get yelled at by a bunch of unhappy married people... (i'm gonna assume people who talk about abstinence and force it on others are mad cause they had to wait so long and want other to feel their pain)

i'm sorry if i was mean, really truely...

i'd appreciate the assistance. :)

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  • 1. Let your boyfriend push as hard as he wants.
    2. No matter how much it hurts don't ruin it for him by
    crying or demanding him to slow down.
    3. If you do start crying though quickly go to doggie
    style so he won't see you face and feel guilty about.

    4. Remember its his first time so don't blow it by being
    selfish. Grit your teeth and take it for your lover.

    5. When your done offer him a***.

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