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My boyfriend will only sleep with me once a month even though I'd prefer once a day on average. I love him with all my heart but I can't live like this anymore - I NEED S** - so I've decided to have an affair with my ex boyfriend who has the smallest p**** of any guy I'd ever slept with. This way I don't risk falling for him or getting attached (I barely was when we were dating) and he'll never satisfy me as much as my boyfriend can, and the once a month my bf and I DO have s** it won't raise any suspicions because I won't be stretched out. In a way I'm punishing myself because I get the s** I crave and am so starved for but just the bare minimum and no more. I'm hoping the s** pheromones will cause my boyfriend's libido to rise. This guy doesn't even have me on Facebook so it feels 'safe.' I have no intention of getting caught.

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  • Girl if you feel the urge to cheat masturbation is the way to go, and if you want something to be inside you, you go plenty of things around the house that in sure would fit inside you, so use them and stop cheating on your boyfriend who is being faithful to you.

  • Wow, you're pretty dumb, I dont think you love him as much as you say you do emotionally,I think you just like his d*** so much that you want it more than just once a month, If he cant satisfy you enough that you have to go and cheat on him like some pathetic w****, then you dont deserve a respectful man such as him that he doesnt have a ridiculously high libido that stereotypically most men have(which is not true). Either get the f*** over it and keep your legs closed or break up with him for someone thats just as much of an uncontrollable horndog as you so you can just f*** all day.

  • ok pay attention you should learn that respecting your bf's wishes to respect your body is more imoprtant than your libido also if your libido is higher than your man's than either try to make the once a month thing last you a month or drop him and get a guy with a more suitable libido (and size if that is really so important) anyway i have people who aren't cheating who need my help

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