My dear friends.

I'm male and I have a lot of female friends I care about. I'm a gentleman at heart and I hate when they come to me wishing I was theirs because I'd want nothing more than to make their wish come true. I'm happily in love but sometimes I'd like to have s** with those friends just so they feel loved and cared for.

Jul 4, 2012

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  • I'm with you, and have many female friends who lean on me for support and being the "nice guy" they should be with. I do date, and have relationships, but, would be lying if said a few of my female friends didn't get me going, sexually. Even my family, regarding one of my female friends, has asked "Are you with her? Seem awfully close for just being friends".

    As time goes on, I've figured out...If the woman is into it, do it..And her. Before she was married, I had at my hot as h***, best body I've ever seen (it's true..she's a fitness freak and dance teacher..the girls love her body, too), friend, and never regretted it. Have been with several since, but, just the memory of her naked, so-perfect body beneath me as I pleasured her, is enough to kill any negative feelings I had about fkng a friend.

  • Keep it in your pants bro...

  • You can make them feel loved without actually having s** with them...just be nice and showe kindness.

  • start f****** them you dumbass....will you wait till you are 85 yrs old in a wheelchair before you say, "I was a fool for letting all that poon get by!"

  • I knew this would happen if I posted this confession. Douchebags like you would pop up thinking it's all about the s**, not understanding that it does actually go deeper and forgetting to realize the fact that "I'm happily in love." as in I'm already taken.

  • Are you talking both genders?

  • No, my guy friends don't come to me wishing they had a guy like me.

  • Lol

    Just noticed you said you had a lot of female friends you cared about.
    Silly me only read it once didn’t process through haha.

    That’s a somewhat thoughtful confession...but I’m afraid you can only stick to the one

  • Yeah I know. I just wish there were more guys like me out there that cared for women at a younger age.

  • Grow a pair and start f****** every one of them. You will regret it later if you don't. Trust me.

  • But it's not just the s**. If I could be their man, each and every one without hurting them by moving to the next while still holding on to the one I want, I would.

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