I've always wanted to end a human life... obviously i'm terrified of the consequences... but if i had a terminal illness it would be near the top of my "bucket list".

Though if i look deep into myself i'm not sure i'd be capable of cold blooded murder... but then i'd like to know... ya know?

Apr 7, 2012

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  • No don't kill anyone. You need to love others and love God. You have issues. The hate that is inside you will destroy your life. You need to get rid of that hate before it gets rid of you and destroys your whole life. God sent his son Jesus Christ to die on a cross so that he could set you free from that hate that will destroy your life. Believe on him and he will make your life right. But all that don't believe on him are condemned by their own hate and sin. They all suffer because of their own bad choices. Don't be one of them. Christ is real and he's calling out to you today.

  • There is no f****** god.

  • You need to stop spewing the Jesus stuff all over the boards here. It's clear all the Jesus posts are from you. Religion is a form of comfort that brings peace to some, not all. Some people need a little more than what religion brings.

  • Two words- GET HELP!

  • Don't do it. But if you truly wanna do it then just kill a really really bad person who kinda deserves it anyway.

  • Well, DUH. Of course, what I think constitutes a "bad person" might be different from how you see it. Everyone thinks they're the put-upon but brave hero, no matter how much of a douche they are to others. So don't be too surprised if someone like OP rolls up to you with a look in their eye one fine day. :)

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