I am the reason you got deported.

My ex boyfriend stole my car, I knew it was him. A few weeks later my suspicions were right, he posted a picture of himself next to my car (the idiot) I had created a fake account and added him as a friend to see if he would s**** up and he did!

I dont know how anyone could be that dumb... anyways you were caught driving my car and got arrested. I guess the cherry on top of the cake is that you already had an arrest warrant because you're a deadbeat dad and hadn't paid child support!

I feel bad for the poor kid though. He'll never get to know his stupid ass dad cause you got deported!! All because you stole my car. Good job A******!!!

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  • mmmkay comments are straying from the story. listen lady, good for your. there are a lot of dads out there not paying the child support they are entitled to pay, and deadbeat dads who dont care about the baby they've helped create. if he didnt step up to the plate, and like you've explained, stole your f****** car - GOOD FOR YOU!!! dont feel sorry for your kiddo, be glad he wont have the negative influence your ex is sure to be. good luck to you

  • I'll gladly take a s*** on yours :)

  • F*ck you all! I'm not illegal, I'm a Mexican-American. And by the way, they're called GRAMMAR an SPELLING. Learn to use them. You are all just ignorant. I hope your kids get addicted to heroin, overdose, and die. Thank you. Have a wonderful day :)

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