I don't love you

I am not in love with my husband. We have been married 5 years and there are days I can not stand the site of him. He talks down to me and makes me feel bad about myself and blames everything that goes wrong on me. I have made mistakes in my life but I am trying to be a good person and a good wife but all the time he has made me feel like s***, I just can't keep doing it. I am afraid to leave because I have never been on my own and I do not make enough money to be on my own even though I work constantly. I wish he would try to change then maybe our marriage could be saved but he is to stubborn. I feel so alone and unwanted.

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  • i know your scared... this story is like my own. ive been with my hubby for 5 years as well, and its the same story. teases me like his sister and then expects me to put out everynight. not gonna happen, i'd go with the with-holding s** at first . he shouldnt stray unless he really is a worthless d***- if he does, you've got an easy out. and dont worry about living on your own, if you have kids, there are alot of tax cuts that make it easier on a single mommy. if there are no kids, then that should be easier... you'll have full reign on your life. good luck... you should be happy in a loving relationship and if you are not, then something is wrong. good luck

  • Bullshit if you do that I garuntee he will cheat. You dont want him leaving you do you? Tell him to cool it while giving him head. Then he will listen

  • I don't thing that is the best way to get any man to change his mind. If my girl ever did that I would leave her. S** is suppose to bring you together. They only reason it works for you is because your man is desperate and doesn't feel like he has any other options. Real men know better.

  • i am sorry you feel alone, have you tried to seek counselling yourself, if nothing more then a way to work out your sadness with hopes that you can leave him and learn to be on your own. are children involved?

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