Ignored Wife

My husband is going out of town this weekend with some friends. We have not had s** in almost 10 months (the last time was a week before Christmas). I have been emailing back and forth with an old friend from church and this weekend he has promised to take me to a gorgeous hotel and "treat me right". I am ready to accept his offer unless my husband pays attention to me between tonight and friday morning.

Sep 19, 2011

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  • Get a big dog

  • Have you asked your hubby point blank why don't you want me? Is he dealing with ED? Let me ask you does he have High blood pressure, enlarge prostate, and type 2 diabetes? If yes to any or all and this guy needs your support and a good Urologist. Try buying a d**** and pleasure yourself. Doesn't anyone fight for their mate and their marriage is it so easy to give up and go find another p**** to ride?

  • What is church coming to? Priests and others molesting kids. Lonely wives, such as yourself, picking up a quick f*** from church. I have a saying when I counsel people, such as yourself, "You can never fix a marriage, by looking outside the marriage for the solution." You have s** with him, the problems in your marriage will still exist, plus you'll have an additional one of committing adultery. Do that, might as well stop going to church. It's sick what you're considering. I will say, with so many falling into temptation, it's almost becoming embarrassing to publicly admit to being a reverend myself. That church is getting a bad name by the actions of its members. It's no wonder why so many have lost faith.

    I'm not one to judge what others do. I'm responsible for myself, my actions, and my own integrity. But spiritually speaking, if you allow yourself to do this. Might as well place your order to receive the mark of the beast.

  • talk to your hubby about what you want and need. if your married than you committed to turn to each other for that. and to give it as well. but if you have talked to him like this before and he wont give you what you need, idk, then is seems like you should find a relationship that fulfills you. everyone deserves that. its a tricky one. i say try to make it work with your husband tho.

  • You both go to church and you do this? You obviously don't care about God. You are about to commit adultery. You will have to live with this for eternity.
    You need to have a serious long chat with your husband.

  • Girl, I understand what you mean!! I have s** with my husband several times a week, but he's horrible in bed!! I wish I could find a hot f*** buddy.

  • If it's been 10 months you are long overdue for a good f******. Your husband is pathetic.

  • You know that when you go to church you should feel like a hypocrite and your marriage may fail or become a farce.

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