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I am what I consider to be a heterosexual 31-year-old female. Sure, in the past I have had experiences with other women, but it was mainly just a few kisses. The farthest I've gone with another woman what in a couple of threesomes, but that involved another man, so I'm not really counting that as one-on-one lesbian s** stuff. Well, I recently became close friends with a really pretty lesbian who is fairly close in age to me. When we met, I was in a relationship with a guy (we'd been together for about 5 years), and she was in a relationship with another woman (they'd been together for about a year. She's had other long-term relationships with women though.) Well we currently both find outselves recently split from our parters and newly single. We've always had a chemistry between eachother. Tomorrow night we've made plans to go out. She's going to come with me to work (I'm a stripper so it's basically like we're going out to a bar/club, except I'll be dancing some of the time.) After that, the plan is for me to stay at her place. I'm pretty sure that something is going to happen between us sexually tomorrow night. I'm very excited and think it's gonna be hot as h***, but I'm also really nervous! I have never had one-on-one s** with another chick. I have no idea what to do besides eating her p**** and sucking her t***. LOL! I know all this sounds crazy but it's absolutely for real! I guess I'm going to have to look up some "How-to's" for lesbian s**! Hahah! She's a pro so I'm not trying to look like a complete idiot when we crawl into bed tomorrow night. Wish me luck!

Sep 20, 2011

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  • When something feels right you will know, so just do what you know and things are never what people expect. I really hope you guys have a good time and maybe if you want to even go into a long-term relationship. You said you hadn't been so nervouse about a date in a long time well that tells me that there is something real between the two of you.

  • Okay, I promise to let yall know how it goes! I'm looking forward to tonight, but it's so funny, I haven't had the pre-date jitters in forever! LOL!

  • She's probably nervous too,she has never been with you before.Don't put to high of expectations on her,and don't forget to cuddle before and after.Just go with the flow.P.S. I would like to know how it went? D.G.A

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