I still love, but hate your guts...

I still hate/love you. Even when you lied to me, cheated, and generally treated me like I was stupid. Maybe I was, I took it all in stride, laughing internally at you attempts at making me feel like an idiot. Yet, the actual moron part of me, still loves you. The smart part wants to gut you like a fish. Maybe it was actually your hug c*** I loved. Maybe it was your brain. It certainly wasn't the thick black hair covering your body. lol
I was a great girlfriend, constantly. I supported your needs, emotions and hopes. I gave you positive encouragement, affection and love. I fed you when all you had was dried milk and dog bones. I clothed you when you pants literally fell off your ass. I gave you s**, weed, and the attention you wanted.
You gave me HPV.

F*** you.

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  • Same here towards uk royals. I hope someone throws a bucket of poo on them at their weddings.

  • wow. what a raw and gut-wrenching confession.

    he sounds like a real a******. I'm sorry he gave you HPV, that sucks.

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