This is truth teller, that idiot trump got the Covid-19 and his s**** of a wife ! 😁 now maybe the rest of the bigots will get it to! I hope mitch mconnell will get it to maybe it will take all these people out! 💩

Oct 3, 2020

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  • You’re an a******. The hate comes from people like you!

  • Its a waste of time hating someone that you've never met

  • Something the party of "fvck ur feelings" ("but ours are perfectly legit") is too dumb and/or weak to attempt themselves. Save your projection for someone who needs it.

  • You a dumb f***, President Trump is the greatest president EVER.

  • ^triggered^ AND stupid

  • ^ditto, dickwheat^

  • Trump sucks, Biden sucks. We're f***** 2020.

  • So, which of the party of 'Fvck Your Feelings' wet their panties and clicked Report on this? You sorry little b!tches sure can't take what you dish out. Suck it up, losers!!

  • The day is rapidly approaching when you can stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and return fire on them. They are too stupid to know it's coming. Get ready

  • Have you ever tried to find any evidence that Trump is a bigot? Or do you just believe it because CNN tells you that? Ever notice how many “smoking guns” are about to come out on trump and witchin 48 hours they vaporize? Look, if you want to live as a socialist then there is a line at the end of your tax return to give extra money to the government. Give up whatever luxuries in life you have for the collective. Stop eating meat, stop driving a car that runs on fossil fuel, move in a smaller house, no airline flights, etc. keep all the the black and minorities in their little groups so democrats can keep them on the plantation. Democrats are the real racists whether intentional or not. That’s why black and Hispanic unemployment were at an all time low under Trump and also while they saw wages increase about $4200 per year on average. The only systemic racism in this country is affirmative action which favors one race over another. Amazing how all the idiot democrats that live in New York and California a fleeing to Lowe tax states because of tax policy they voted in.
    This is a country that has become the envy of the world because of our exceptionalism which comes from our freedom. Freedom to choose to be a research doctor, a physicist, a teacher, an entrepreneur or just have a job and work a normal life. We’re not perfect but reparations, government programs and Medicare for all are not the answer. So call Trump an idiot but just know that he stands for what is the best of America.... the regular people that just want something better for themselves and their families. Try a little research and evidence and join the people who know America isn’t perfect but it is 10 fold the next best option. God bless America

  • Search on google and it goes straight to Biden/Harris site. What a coincidence!!!

  • Liberals are like a parasite. They destroy then leave what they destroy to start over again oblivious to their parasitic ways.

  • Trump 2020, only president to do what he said he was going to

  • Bawww, little MAGAts don't like their dear orange overlord having "the flu". If they were as tough as they insist on trying to convince everyone else they are, they'd stfu and just wait until Daddy-God waddled himself back into the WH. But no, they have to cry and rage and attack anyone who doesn't agree with them. Talk about snowflakes.

  • Go f*** your mother snowflake

  • Triggered much, little one? Projecting as always too

  • Man, you’re such a looser. Bahahaha go tell your mom you’re a failure and kill yourself.

  • Demonstrate for us how this is done, please

  • *loser

    As usual, trumptards are challenged by their native language.

  • Aren't you white???

  • You have an std and you know it

  • What you got??? AIDS

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