I love my school

Know why? There are numerous places that are no longer used but still accessable by students.

And that means, plenty of places for students to sneak away to and f***.

Some spots are more frequented then others, and there were many times when another pair of students walked in on my and my gf. Then again, we've walked in on numerous pairs as well.

Although, it WAS akward as h*** to walk in on a couple of teachers. (Who WERE married... Just not to each other.) We never used that room again.

I like on particular room the most though. It was the old band room, and it is soundproofed. Know why I like the fact that its soundproofed? 10 inch d*** + tiny girl = loud screams. We were the same age, but she was about a foot shorter then me, and very petite.

I got pantsed on day in PE, and my boxers went down to. I was dating above mentioned girl at the time. Everyone's face was 0_0 because they finally relized why she sometimes had trouble walking. Her birthday was akward as h*** since many of her friends ended up giving her bottles of lube for her presents.

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  • Yeah, I could have maybe believed it until you got totally off topic about your d***...

  • Whahahaha. OMG this is a moronic post. Your small-d*** syndrome shining in all it's glory!

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