Seriously in Need of Advice

Earlier this year I was hanging out with a good friend of mine when he told me all about how he had this huge crush on one of my other good friends. Of course I encouraged him to go for it, but to take it slow so he wouldn't freak her out. I mean what else was I gonna say? No big deal right? Well last week they celebrated their four month anniversary and its taken me this long to realize that I am most definitely in love with him. I guess I've been denying having a crush on him for over a year now. I kinda feel bad for him because I know she isn't as into the relationship as he is and she's taking him for-granted. I also know that he use to like me and I just missed my chance with him.

I haven't told anybody else about this. So I guess my question is, should I go for it???

Sep 28, 2011

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  • Now you have to wait. That relationship will not be forewer, and that time you might be more lucky and clever.

  • maybe you just want him now because he is with someone else. if you go after him now though your relationship with start off negative because you are stealing him. they will most likely break up if she isnt that into him. maybe suggest to her that she should find someone else, or tell him something similar

  • I would say don't go for it yet. He's in a relationship. If it truly is a bad relationship like you think it is then they will break up eventually and then you can make your move. If you can trust him not to tell your friend then you could even let him know what you think about their relationship and then "hint" that there is someone else that you know would appreciate him more and leave him to figure it out.

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