How do I make her stop?

I am a 14-year-old female, and last year, I was in a home ec class with a good friend and this one guy. In that home ec class, I developed a crush on the guy, but I never told anyone, though I was secretly delighted when I asked that good friend who I'd make a good couple with (Ha! I'm undateable) and she said it would be him. This year, my good friend has decided she likes the guy as well (I still haven't told her how I feel). I'm timid; far too shy to tell anyone of my crush, so I endure her googly eyes when she talks about him and all her giggles. However, it's getting hard because now she has tracked him down on myspace, told me that she's falling in love with him, made me talk to him regarding her, and sent him a note saying that she has a crush on him (he hasn't read it yet, apparently; he told me he lost her note before reading it when she made me talk to him). I'm not really sure what to do now; if he likes her back, it'll be hard to watch, as listening to her go on and on about him already is. I could never have him anyway, because even if I wasn't too ugly, nerdy, and young to date, I wouldn't want to hurt her in that way as it is. Some days I want to forget him, and others, I don't, and I know it'll be rough either way, but is there at least a nice way to tell her to shut up about all that "falling in love with him" crap so I can stop thinking about it?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i bet you he read the note and...pretended to lose it because he was embarrassed or just doesn't like her back.

  • Hmm. If you are unwilling to compete with your friend then that is that. You sound pretty bright and well balanced to me though. There's nothing wrong with being nerdy, as long as you can be confident and comfortable about it. You probably should work on widening your group of friends so that you dilute your time with this one friend. Whether she gets together with that guy or he rejects her, you can still get to know him better. If you're cool about it, it shouldn't bother your friend too much, and who knows where it would go from there with him.

  • i say, go for him before she does! F*** her, get your man!

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