Love or abuse

I have been a victim of abuse, by my ex boyfriend. I have to say he is not the only one to blame. I do admit i have hurt him too, little slaps here and there either trying to defend myself or because he threatens things that no normal man who is in love with a womans should say. Never have i ever though hurt him enough to leave cuts or bruises like he has done to me. He has threatened killing my parents, vandilizing their home, suicide, and so much more. I know he may just be venting, but sometimes i wonder if he really is capable of those things. I am 18, and if my parents ever found out or saw all the bruises and bite marks on me, they would never let me see him again. I have contemplated contacting the police, because this is not the first time i have been abused. I get called a s*** and a b**** constatnly, when i know I'm not, but it still hurts comeing from a guy who i still love, despite all of this s***. He gets agrivated easy lately, but yet so do I because of all the stress. I don't know what to do anymore. I want to be with him, but I don't know if i can.

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  • Leave him, you may think you love him but he isn't the same and you don't love the abuse. Leave him and never go back to him

  • That's... a tough situation. It's hard to leave abusive relationships and environments. The longer we stay in them, the harder it becomes, because somewhere along the line our sense of value and self-worth diminishes. I understand that it isn't an easy decision. I think the best action for you to take would be to become independent in your own right. Financially independent, finding your own place to stay, go to counseling to help you find the right steps to take, etc... open up to the people close to you. You need help. He's bruising you now but one day he can kill you... my biggest concern is seeing that this post was made 6.4 years ago and I'm wondering if you're still alive or not.

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