At a Swim Meet

One time I intentionally flashed a girl from my swim team. I was about 12 and she was probably 7 or 8. A group of us were sitting in a hallway playing Go Fish. I had a towel over my shoulders that covered my sides but not my front. This girl was right across from me and I saw a perfect opportunity. I pulled my p**** out the side of my Speedo and waited. It was rock hard from all the anticipation and the tightness of the swimsuit leg was making the veins bulge out all over. A couple minutes later, she spotted it. She stared at my p**** with her mouth hanging partly open for what felt like 30 seconds, then looked me in the eye for about 30 seconds. I had to get up and leave the room for a little bit, but when I came back she was staring at my now covered up bulge like she wanted to see it again.

Luckily she was the only one who saw and she didn't tell anyone. I'm not proud of it now but being a kid around puberty and the start of the teenage years, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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  • I don't quite remember her name but it was something like Erin Marie Henderson.

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