I watched my best friend get my husband off.

A while back I had invited a friend of mine to come stay with me and my husband at our cabin, We all spent the day boating and watching the kids swim and dive off the boat, We put the kids to bed and sat around the fire drinking, We had a good head start on drinking since we had been sipping all day on the boat and by midnight my husband had disappeared, me and my friend went to look for him and found him passed out on the couch in the cabin.
I tried to wake him up but he was pretty drunk, We started doing funny stuff to him like squishing his lips and raising his eyebrows, After a couple minutes my friend said "Oh my god" and pointed at the bulge in his swim trunks, I had told her a couple times when we were drunk how big he is, His p**** is for lack of a better word "Impressive", He always says it is 8 1/2" long, all I know is when I wrap my hand around it I can't quite touch my fingers together and with both hands on it the k*** easily still sticks out the top of my hands.
I noticed my friend staring at his bulge and I still don't know why but I looked at her and said "Want to see it?", She blushed and looked shocked but looked at me then at his crotch then back at me and said "F*** yeah", I sat beside him and untied his trunks, Gently worked them down to his knees and stood up, My friend was looking away and when I said "There it is" she turned around, Looked down at him and stopped, She stared for a second or two then looked at me with her eyes wide and whispered "That is fricking huge", I stepped up beside her and looked down at him, I have to admit that he did look impressive laying there with his shirt off and his c*** out, flopped to one side.
I looked at my friend and said "He isn't even all the way hard yet", She looked at me and said "yet?", I knelt down beside the couch and ran my fingers along the underside of his c***, She knelt beside me and we watched as his c*** got hard and stood straight up, She was staring and blushing at the same time, By this time I was super h**** and kind of wishing she wasn't there because I would have jumped on him right then, We had never done anything really crazy and for sure never with anyone else but something came over me, I cupped his b**** with my right hand and grabbed her wrist with my left, I took her hand and she never pulled back, I put her hand on his c*** and she whispered "Oh god, I don't know", I smiled at her and said "Just feel it", I took my hand off hers and she ran her hand up and down the underside as I cupped his b****, She wrapped her fingers around it and her jaw dropped, She put her other hand on his chest and slowly stroked his big c***, I stood up and sat on the couch beside his legs and watched her, I could see that she was shaking and breathing heavy, She looked at me and I whispered "Keep going, He wont wake up", I grabbed a bottle of tanning oil off the end table, I opened it and put a few drops on his c***, my friend stroked his c*** and I watched her as she stroked him and noticed she was grinding her hips, I reached over and untied her top then peeled it off over her head, I moved to a chair off to the side and she looked at me as if she might start crying, I took a pillow, Folded it in half and as I pushed it under her bum she lifted up and I slid it between her thighs, She reached down and pulled her bottoms to the side and I watched as she stroked my husband and humped the pillow, She has small saggy b**** and has a few extra pounds but my husband has told me in the past that he thinks she is very attractive and he likes her body, I could only think about how this would be a dream come true for him if he only knew.
I got myself off first and after a few minutes my friend started grinding her hips real hard and then I watched her bum and b**** jiggle as she said "I can feel it pulsing, I think he is going to come", Her strokes became uneven and she moaned "Oh shiiiiiiit" as she covered the end of his c*** with her other hand and thrust her hips forward three or four times h****** the pillow, I watched as his come spilled out over her hands and the two of them get off at the same time, the two of us stared at each other as we both breathed heavy, She squeezed my husbands c*** and slid her hands to the k*** making sure to get all the come off it, She stood up with no top on and her bottoms still pulled to the side holding her hands full of my husbands come in front of her, She looked panicked and snuck to the bathroom.
After we both cleaned up we talked and I promised her I would never tell, She feels like it was cheating and feels terrible, We didn't talk for a few weeks after but seem back to normal now, after she got drunk and told me she thinks about it in the shower, I hope we can be ok, she is my best friend.

Aug 5, 2016

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  • So you’re drunk & passed out. You wake up to your husbands friend rubbing your naked p**** & jerking off while your husbands to the side watching & jerking of also.
    Would you be happy about it or feel as your husband let his friend molest / rape you while you were passed out drunk? Furthermore he allowed his friend to finger you also.
    If a person isn’t able to give consent to any s** act it is rape. You and your friend raped your husband & that’s why she doesn’t talk to you. She sobered up & realized what y’all did to him.
    Even if I would have consented while awake doing this as I’m passed out drunk I would divorce my wife.
    This isn’t ok at all

  • Ok so technically speaking it was nonconsensual. That being said, you know your husband. So I ask this: If you were to ask him, do you think he would have consented? Did you tell him what happened? If so, what did he say?
    From my male perspective, if I was drunk and woke up to my wife masturbating and her best friend topless humping a pillow and giving me a lubricated handjob... I may very well have laid there quietly and enjoyed it. Somehow I doubt you will find the husband upset about this. But you are his wife and you know him best.

  • I think he felt it all U both should have sucked his c*** and then let your Gf slide onto it if U haven't already done it

  • This is rape! You should be punished.

  • If this was a women it would be rape get a grip

  • This is rape

  • Bullsht!

  • So hot. I love watching someone else make my husband c**

  • I wish my wife was willing to do something like this. So incredibly hot, it's like my deepest fantasy.

  • That’s rape. Imagine if it was the other way around.

  • Agreed!

  • Both inappropriate & foolish! And YES! IT IS RAPE. That's disgusting and ignorant. I wonder how she'd feel if she found out they were having s** when she wasn't around....which is probably what's going on since she's thinking about it in the shower. Duh! Can't say I'd feel bad for the so-called wife if he left her for her friend.

  • Get a life he would have loved it

  • I keep coming back to this story. my heart beats so fast when i read through. OMG its f***** great

  • It is beautiful she shared her hubby's c*** with her friend

  • That was f****** hot!!!!!

  • What a w****

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