Crazy sister

My sister who is ten years older than me is a little wacky. She stopped by my place with my nephew right before I was to go running. I was wearing nike compression shorts. She said to me your wearing those? " the girls a gonna be following you with that thing LOL" Referring to my bulge. Is that f***** up or what?

Sep 16, 2013

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  • This makes me think she diddled you when you were a baby since she's a decade older than you.

  • She was complementing you on your big d***. Leave it alone. Even though she's your sister she still checks you out. It's not crazy but she used humor to try and sugar coat it. Stop thinking too much and get the stick out of your ass. I where bikinis in front of my brother and I'm blessed up top. Do they know I have big t***? Yeah, the secrets out! Is it discussed at Sunday dinner ? NO

  • Your crazy, I would have said the same thing, You should grow a sense a humor, If I was you I would have replied, "Right?!? Arn't these great, they do more then just help me workout ;) "

    You sound like a dull blob and your sister is normal.

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