I'm Actually Kind of Confused

I thought he loved me. Not my body.

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  • I'm straight as can be but I actually care about having a true relationship that's not based on a passion that only lasts for a little while and goes away. Love is about actually caring for the other person and once you actually care and are connected with that other person emotionally first, then it makes the physical relationship actually meaningful. Some people have to go through a lot of crap before they understand this, if they ever do. People in this world are just so twisted now and don't understand a thing about love.

  • Poetic and true, and therefore pearls before swine in a place like this. Don't bother trying to illustrate the glories of a more enlightened existence to a clump of retards who are obsessed with the contents their underpants.

  • That comment was so stupid and sexist. I can't believe people can be so ignorant. Men are not all the same and I can tell you, being a man they aren't all looking for s**. I personally am looking for a meaningful relationship without s**. Hang in there, one day you may find someone who actually loves who you are as a person. My advice, get to know someone as friends before dating and find things out about them before you start a physical relationship.

  • You sound gay.

  • To avoid such confusion in the future, look at him naked. If he has a p****, chances are he loves you for your body. You need to work on the rest.

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