What happened?

I am with a girl....and she is the ONLY girl in my life who hasnt had s** with my brother chris....i was married to a girl and she broke up with me, and then had s** with my brother, my worst enemy, and my friend, i had begged her to take me back...and she never did...now for the last week she has been blowing up my facebook and phone tryign to convince me to take her back..but i dont honestly think i could ever see my beautiful angel again..all i see a skanky nasty w****, the girl im with now... is amazing...and great...and has 2 kids.. which is wack...and her babbys daddy gets outa prison soon and is gunna wanna try and kill me and her...cuz thats why hes in prison in the first place is for trying to kill my girlfriend when they were together...i dont know what to do.. or where to turn....oh and did i mention i need 10,000 within the next 30 days..

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  • HAha Your f*****!

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