Watching you...

Dear Justin,
I hope one day you hear about this letter. Maybe one day ill have the guts to say these things to your face.
I spend hours at night choosing the perfect outfit, doing my hair, and plastering make-up on my face ... just so you might notice me trying to impress you. I just want you to see me. I like you.
I always gave you advice on your ex's and i tried not to wish that i was her. I tried not to like you. Because i knew you would never see me in that way. I will admit i am not the prettiest girl - but you call me beautiful. You hug me everyday. and i love the happiness you bring me.
But for some reason i have a feeling that you will crush me again. . .
As much as i dont wanna see it, i know deep inside that i will break. like a twig. i will fall like rain on pavement. I'll die inside. once again.
But i keep having these feelings. I keep wanting you to hold me. To love me...
And its stupid because i know you never will like me.
Love ,
The girl thats CoNtRAdICTory....

Oct 7, 2011

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