Men can be such pigs

I hate the way some men talk about women. They do it when there are no women around, of course. They call them b******, talk about their bodies like their pieces of meat and imply they are stupid.

Not all men do this but a lot do. When these men get together it's like some ancient time when men ruled the world and women were good only for servicing them.

As a man, I am ashamed. I believe in treating women with respect and do not believe for a second men hold any superior position just because they have a p**** or are physically stronger.

The funny thing is, most of these men are actually dominated by the women they choose. Are they over-compensating for that weakness?

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  • Women suck. I demean women because they deserve it.

  • ^Over-compensating incel virgin

  • Of course they are over-compensating. Real men don't need to demean women to earn their respect. Real men realize that their masculinity is a tool to help them defend and provide for their partner, not to use against them.

  • Lets be real here, men are on average better physically able to handle life, and stemming from that an argument can be made that women should have never left their support role. It was only in recent history that women even developed the intelligence to be considered capable of voting. On top of all that most women really are just dumb bags of flesh really only useful for s** and cooking. But then again most men are equally as useless in their own respect. Being stronger only gets you so far and in the end it is always the woman who is in control. throughout all of nature in all animals including humans ( and we are but animals ) the women bear the children and thus have complete control over any situation they wish. so quit your b*******, women had life made before they decided they were smart and they still do now.

  • Shut up b****!

  • OP's a dude. Shut YOUR illiterate piehole and go make me a sandwich!

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