What happened?

Boy number one was new. And i ignored him because he was popular, good looking and social. Then i started talking to him and he wasn't as narcissitic as i thought. Everyday i was falling for him bit by bit. He led me on, he stood by me, he made me laugh. He then asked out one of my friends. I still wonder if i did something wrong to make that happen.

Boy number two was also popular. I started talking to him more and more when he sat beside me. Again, everyday i started to like him. Then he got his friends to tease me and torment me about our 'relationship'. Then he and his friends spread sexual rumors, rumors that even teachers heard. Now, i still hear little about those rumors because he told his new friends in high school lies about me and us, so they are also tormenting me.

I had a thing with Boy number three recently compared to the other two. Except this time, i fell harder for him. He would always come up to me, talk to me in the halls, hold my hand in class, text me after school and start conversations. He offered to help me with math; the smallest things he did got to me. Yet my friend got involved and tried to force us to become something, though because of the past two boys, i didnt want anything. That was the start of what is currently happening. We were okay, then slowly, he changed. He started glaring at me, and his friends torment me more than Number Two's friends. They sneer and glare, and 'accidentally' send me text messages. They push him into me. Then i found out that his 'new' number is actually his sister's, meaning he's trying to avoid me, i guess?

Even though i try to forget, i can't. The feelings i felt for them suddenly snap back whenever i see them. And i always wonder, what happened to make everything that it is now.

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  • I think Boy Number Three got kind of mad because maybe he thought you led him on. Or maybe Boy Two did his head in. Investigate!

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