My dog's stomach was very upset, so i put him in the car and we went to the vet and on our way to the vet... i killed a cat..

isn't it ironic?

i adopted a child from over seas to rescue him from child labor and on his birthday we went to build-a-bear workshop...

isn't it ironic?

it's like rain, on your wedding day.
like a free ride, when you allready paid.

like i met the man of my dreams and then met his wife...

what's the pirate minus the ship? just a creative homeless guy...

3 ant eaters plus a giant mutant ant, an ironic way to die and...

isn't that I-R-O-N-I-C, I-R-O-N-I oh I-R-O-N-C.


boom shaka laka laka
your butt smells like kaka
let me smell
B***** H***

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  • I read that in his voice before I knew it was his song. Now I feel weirded out but awesome.

  • ME TOO!

  • i adopted a child from over seas to rescue him from child labor ****factories****and on his ***very first*** birthday we went to build-a-bear workshop...

    I had his special DVR'd and watched it ever night when i went to sleep. LOVE BO. so i know all his songs word for word. FYI everything after bo was just retarded

  • i <3 bo burnham, but what is this all about?

  • i'm explaining the irony in the universe and maikng a tribute to bo burnham in a weird-ass way...

    but some of this stuff actually happened... wah... 12 bucks i'll never get back... not to mention... no, i'll cry if i say it... or type it..

    i really like bo burnham... i'm glad u noticed. you might be the only one who could tell...

    i hope bo comes up with more specials...

    "i'm gonna love you the way my uncle did exept you're not gonna go to court for doing it"

    not to mention

    "high school parties senior year, all the boys and sippingon beer. i like soda, where's the soda, am i the only f****** person here that likes soda?"

    and lastly

    "high school party senior year, none of that happened cause i wasn't invited..."

    the songs are pretty relatble... and funny :^) & <3

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