Once a cheater always a cheater?

I lied to everyone and told them that me and my boyfriend aren’t together anymore. He made out and almost had s** with his ex. I told all my friends I left him because of it. That part is true, but we got back together within a week. I really do believe he's sorry and I have faith that he won’t do anything like that again. But I know my friends won’t see it that way. They never had a problem with him before, in fact they were really surprised when I told them, but now in their mind all they see is a liar and a cheater and I’m better off without him. It’s not that I question taking him back, but I guess I’m kind of embarrassed that after all that talk about how I was done with him and was moving on, were back together.

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  • It's irrelevant what your friends think of him....do what you want....however, be willing to risk the potential loss of your friends' respect and maybe their friendship too

  • Listen to your friends.
    Once a liar and a cheater always a liar and a cheater!
    You have accepted his lying and cheating, he will expect you to accept every time! Throw him back on the trash pile from which he came.


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