Messy situation

Been with my current partner for quite a few years now. A few months ago started looking at guy friends and thinking i wonder what it would be like to do things with them (sexually) should add in here current relationship is not good always fighting never have s**.

A month or so ago i hooked up with one of my partners best mates, we started talking and I fell for him pretty hard...he also has a girlfriend but they have a funny relationship...we send cute and flirty texts and haven't had s** but have thought about it. I know he loves the girl hes with but i don't think i love my bf anymore....the more i talk to him the harder i fall even though i know it will never go's starting to hurt and get too h****** me but i just can't bring myself to stop....

Oct 10, 2011

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  • trying so hard to stop thinking about him....the other night i was having a naughty dream about him when i woke to my actual bf kissing my neck....i felt guilty but annoyed the dream had to end and that it wasnt him i was waking up to.
    This would be so much easier if he didnt turn me on so much....

  • just as i start to block you out you send a cute text i know you're a huge player ffs i know because we've talked about it why am i so caught up on you...i wish i had someone i could talk to...

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