I stole from ..

I confess that I have stolen from 2 of my buddies .. They are my college friends and they both sell drugs...and I stole product and money from them .. Then I stole the one buds laptop to sell .. I feel so wrong and dirty .. Especially because the one friend is one of my best .. I justify it in my head by saying it's drug money so it's ok ., but it's wrong and I know it ..

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  • I will be illuminati and do anything to win $500 million. for sure. I will be good !

  • My freshman year of college, I had a roommate who did, bought, and sold every drug imaginable..At first, I was afraid, but then..Seeing what it did to him and what I could get away with, I'd get back at him by swiping cash he had, from selling, in an envelope box. Never took a ton at once, so wouldn't be noticed, but, would grab a 20 here, couple of 10s there.. So much cash in there he wouldn't notice.

    I got away with it until he moved out. Never had a clue I probably made off with at least $500 on him..

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