Not enough

One of the reasons I'm with my boyfriend is that I'm too afraid to be alone. I love him, but I'd rather have him as a friend, he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met and I hate myself every time I lie to him, It's just I don't want to be alone and it's killing me that I can't feel anything but friendship for him anymore.

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It felt good.

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  • weoooh game quote time!... "so long as i have friends i'm never alone!" "my friends are my strength" ... hope that helped hehe

  • Honestly, you should probably stop wasting each others time. If you don't like him as a partner anymore it is your duty to tell him so. He may take it comfortably and simply will be friends or cut you off. YOu still have a 50/50.

    However if he found out that you were lying to him, he will most likely cut you off and out of his life.... Unless he is a total pushover...

    But in conclusion you shouldn't waste his time or yours. If you aren't happy you should probably tell him to find someone else just like you will eventually. There are ALOT of people out there don't fear being alone

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