I don't know how I feel. It is

I don't know how I feel. It is extremely difficult to carry on everyday on a regular basis pretending to be somebody I'm not. I pretend to be someone who knows what or who they want. I pretend to have forgotten about the past and how I don't love him anymore. The truth is I'll never stop loving him. Everynight I think about him and everynight I wonder why we can't evn be just friends. He says he hates and he completely ignores me. What am I supposed to do? I have classes with him and I see him more now than I ever did before. I go through all of our emails, pictures and letters weeping and I can't do it anymore. I tried to take my life on several different occasions and it was all for him. I hurt myself before and I might do it again. Why can't it just be simple? Why can't I walk up to him and tell him how much it kills me to not be in his life? Why? How long can this possibly go on for? Will I love him forever? Will the pain ever stop?

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  • The truth is you a f**, get over it!
    You worthless s***!
    Heres some advice that'll help you.....
    Next time while your taking a bubble bath like most f*** do, drop a toaster in it and watch your h*** ass sizzle!!

  • yeah the site shrink is right.
    hurting yourself is stupid and wont get him back..find a new past time get out of the house and take back your life. wasted time in life cant be gained back so start living for you and not him...and if alll else fails get dressed..hit the club with ur girls and find a new man hahaha

  • Yay, all hail the REAL SiteShrink!

  • ^^yeah...what you said^^

  • The above commenter is right. That wasn't me. I would never say that to you.

    Anyway I know it's hard. But try to find the courage to just tell him how you feel. If you tell him you will feel better. He may not like you still but atleast he will know that you still care about him and maybe he will stop being so mean and cold to you. And what ever happens don't hurt yourself. You are worth much more than that. It hurts now but time will heal all wounds. And soon you will be able to look back on this as a good learning experience


  • no i know that it's just some stupid immature person with no life trying to keep others down because it mskes him/her feel more important

  • I don't think that's SiteShrink, I think someone's impersonating him. dramallama lololol

  • thanks for the support people except for siteshrink who thinks his f****** s*** don't stink. i'm sure you have problems too...but to the second comment, it's been a year and a half so?

  • You are a stupid b****.


  • The pain WILL stop just hang in there and believe!

  • Me too. Except I kill people.

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