Strawberry Ant Pie

I realize that this confession is fairly tame, but I am feeling guilty about what I've done.

My husband and I invited a friend to come to dinner tonight. In preparation, I baked a strawberry pie last night, and it came out looking scrumptious. I covered it in foil and left it out to cool.

This morning, the pie was covered with ants, crawling over the peaks and valleys of the golden brown top crust like explorers, climbing inside the vent holes to spelunk into the sweet, viscous red filling. There must have been several hundred ants on the pie.

I hated to waste such a perfect pie, and I didn't have time to bake another, so I took a pie out into the sun. (I discovered years ago, with an ant-infested box of raisins, that exposure to direct sunlight will eradicate ants.) The ants began evacuating the pie, and eventually all of them were gone.

I've eaten food that ants had touched, and it didn't kill me, and this was a perfectly good pie, so I decided to serve it for desert and say nothing. I know my husband would have freaked, and our guest probably would have too, so I figured that whatever they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

We just polished off the pie. It was delicious, and my husband and our friend loved it so much that they had two slices.

Is what I did such a bad thing?

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  • Aaa never mind.. We do this all the time in India

  • ehhh...its not like ants carry dieases. what mamma dont know wont hurt her

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