Cream pie.

I love eating my cream pie wife thinks it's gross. I try and do it gas much has I can. Love tasting both our juices combined. Would love to try and clean it off her b******. Or try someone else's cream pie. Anyone else ? Any women like that ?

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  • I do it all the time dude, is the best thing. The tasting of both juices combined and dripping out of her p****. I licked it all up and cleaned that p**** up. She usually get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. Now I cleaned up with my mouth, is great.

  • At least once a week I take turns c****** in my step daughters ass with a few of her college friends (I'm 35, she's 25). Never ate it out of her, but have considered having us all c** inside her p**** and sucking out. We normally send her to working in the morning after c****** in her ass and demand she texts us during the day to tell us how it is running out and into her panties. Hot to say the least while I am working.

  • If a woman loves her man, she does the things he wants even if she doesn't really want the same thing. My man fingers me until I c**, then as we are kissing so deeply, he puts his c** soaked fingers in my mouth and starts f****** me hard...we both c**...then I lick his shaft clean. He's happy. I'm happy.

  • Im not a lesbian but i have eaten a creampie from my friend after a guy came inside her, while his friend f***** me from behind

  • That would be simply amazing also.

  • It was an amazingly dirty night

  • Yes I do, I'm 60yrs chubby and love my hubby and his friends f****** me and Wanking on my fat t***, then hubby locking me clean

  • I love it your husband is a lucky guy

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