Addicted to danger

When my husband is out of town, I often go out dressed provocatively to entice men. I know they want me and like being looked at with hungry eyes. I made the mistake of sleeping with a few and I dont want to put my husband at risk but i am addicted to danger.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I've had fun taking my hot older sister to seedy, usually biker-type bars out of town, dressed as slutty and skin-baring as possible. Guys would swarm around her, grab her ass, try to get her in back rooms (or bathrooms) for a bar f******, and generally put her in potentially bad situations. I'd watch from the bar or booth, letting things go so far, then pull her out.

    More than once, though..I came close to not being able to intervene, and she would have been ganged. She admitted enjoying the excitement of it all.

  • You are wonderful. I love you truly.

  • youre not alone and people shouldnt judge. the people with the holier-than-thou attitudes are doing way worse stuff than us.

  • He's probably out of town doing the same thing.


  • I think your problem stems from him leaving you all alone. I was married to a woman who demanded attention 24/7 and I could not even go to work. I suspect u are the same. Why dont u get a job or hobby?

  • LOL^^^^^^ don't count on that one!

  • Your husband probably already knows. Some men get turned on by the thought of their wives f****** other men--I know I do. It's called a cuckhold fetish. He might be even be up for joining or watching you with another man. I'd just tell him and clear your conscience, but let him know you'd like to stay together and maybe include him somehow.

  • You are a s***! I feel sorry for your husband, you might just want to him a favor and leave him. I hope you get a lot of satisfaction out of living so "dangerously," cause eventually you will get a nasty std in which case you would then pass the wonderful gift to your husband, whom I 'm sure DOES NOT want it!

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