I can't tell my family.

That I only have 3 years to live. I have developed a brain tumor that will kill me and cannot be removed without complex issues. In the mean time it will slowly strip me of control of my emotions making me unstable. To avoid bankrupting my family, I p***** them all off and they kicked me out of my comfy life. I hope to vanish from their lives and let them think I am out there somewhere in the world rather then dead.

Oct 19, 2011

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  • Heres the deal w family, no matter how p***** off you made them- they think and worry and wonder about you. My sister tried this to " save" us. Too many sleeplness nights and confusion we hunted her down. No one ever gets to just go hide away. Its impossible- mass murders parents still love em. Sorry about everything (illness etc), its sad but to do this and im sorry i know u think its helpful and ur the one thats sick - your being selfish. Put urself in their shoes and fix this. Your not a burden your loved and money- its paper! We cant take it w us when we pass.

    This is beyond important to fix!!
    Good luck doll

  • This may be the first sensible advice ever given on this site, and maybe even the only.

  • 'k, that's a strange way to handle things. p****** off your family permanently ? I mean... just... what ???

    don't you want to spend time with the people you love with what little time you have left to live ? I don't get it.

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