Robbed again

Why do kids think they can take money out of your wallet and think you won't know about it! P***** off and the money train is stopping!

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  • Deprive them of all entertainment

  • The 2x $20 were on a manetic clip on the refrigerator

  • I used to come home from work and put my keys phone and wallet together on a shelf in the kitchen. Then i suspected the kids were helping themselves. And they were. It was all stuff they needed like money for school excursions and stuff. Not just steeling but I felt it was another example of how i was just being used. My wife had zero interest in anything to do with me and would engage in boring s** once a week. Life was crap.

    With the money thing, I put 2x $20 on and said that was for excursions and when they take it they have to put a piece of paper in its place saying who took it and why.

    Then i stopped having cash in my wallet. Put everything on credit card. Even coffee. I have $50 note in my desk at work and one under the drivers seat in each car for emergencies but no cash.

    Makes me feel less out of control.

  • Thank you - I've decided debit card only from now on

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