You act like a woman sometimes

You are the biggest douchebag on earth. First, you whine and complain, nag and B**** non-stop that I 'need to get a job' or don't make enough money. But now here I am making three times what you make a week doing what I love and you're p***** because the money is all MINE and you don't have a hand in it and can't tell me what to do with it. Admit it! You LIKED it when I was financially dependent on you because it gave you control! And now that you don't have any, you're p***** off. You bitched about my lack of income and now I have income– so why would you be p***** off? I know why. Because I have come to the conclusion that YOU, just like my MOTHER, are never f****** happy even though you get just what you want and just what you asked for. I now have the freedom, the independence to do whatever the f*** I want, WHEN I want and it bugs the royal s*** out of you. What's really bothering you is I can leave now whenever I want and I will live 10 times better than you will because your sorry ass can't handle money to save your life. Yeah, when you were making more than me you were always broke and blamed it on me. You're still making the same and I'm making my own money AND YOU'RE STILL BROKE so figure that out and f*** off you sorry little man-b****.

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  • Do you do prostitution?

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