I've been feeling really sick about how

I've been feeling really sick about how my stupidity caused my girlfriend to go through h*** the other day. She came over to my house after school and we had s**. When we finished I pulled out and noticed the condom was missing. Our first thoughts were it had to have came off and got stuck up in there. So I tried with my finger to fish around in her and get it out. I eventually gave up and we were really worried what might happen if it stayed up in there so the next idea was to just go to the ER and hope they could get to it. So I drive us down to the hospital and there was like nobody in the ER so she could be seen right away. She was really nervous and wanted me to be with her the through the whole thing, so I went back to that little room with her and we waited a min. for the doc to come in. This big ass dude comes walking in, he was built like a bodybuilder or something, and I was like oh s*** this dude's gonna be pokin around in my girl! And I could tellthat she wasn't thrilled either, she kept giving me this weird look. By now I'm feeling pretty bad about what's about to happen. He tells her to take her jeans and underwear off and lay back and put her feet up in those things. The whole time I was sittin there hoping that it was all just a dream. The doctor guy gets on his glove and starts fingering my girlfriend, oh yeah and he put some kind of lube s*** on his fingers too! I was like really p***** at this point, I wanted to strangle that guy so bad! But I knew somehow that condom had to be found and someone had to do it. So beefcake never finds the condom and goes to get another doctor to try and get it out. there ended up being 2 guys and 1 woman doc that attempted to find the condom. I was feeling pretty bad but you can imagine how my girl felt, her legs were shaking and I could tell that she was really uncomfortable and embarrassed. Well none of them were able to find anything so we went back to my house. I went into the bathroom to take a p*** and there it was. The f****** condom broke and was bunched up down at the base of my d***. Neither one of us ever noticed it or thought to check me. We just automatically assumed it came off inside her. So she went through all that humiliation for absolutely no reason at all! It doesn't seem to bother her too much anymore and she sort of laughs and jokes about it, but I'm still sick over it! I'm such an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry baby!!!!!!!

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  • I agree with the one post. I don't know if your girl is hot or not, but I'm sure that he definitely didn't mind. In fact he probably enjoyed every second of it, I know I would've. Sorry if this disturbs you but I'm just telling it like it is. Your story actually makes me consider becoming a doctor lol.

  • LOL. If I was her I would've killed you! That must have been sooooooo embarrassing!

  • omg! I don't know you guys but I feel so bad for the both of you.

  • That s*** is hilarious. . .

  • well,women know p****** best!

  • Sir, don't be ridiculous.

  • That's a funny story, but I know exactly how you must've felt. One of the worst things I ever did was go to my wife's gyno appt. with her the one time. She had this guy doctor and I couldn't get over that( I've since persuaded her to switch to a female doctor) so I went along to see what happens....big mistake! I would've been better off not knowing...I got really mad and had to wait outside. By the way, not bragging or being a d***, but my wife is pretty hot...she's a part-time model, so I"m sure any guy that ever sees her anywhere is probably thinking " I'd like to **** that!" and I'm sure male doctors gotta think like that sometimes also...maybe not all of the time, but you can't say they never do. Even if they see 100 naked women a day...if there's an attractive girl there with her shirt off and he's feeling her b******.....come on now. Or even better...when she's laying there with her legs spread wide open and he's fingering her.....UNBELIEVABLE!!! I had the pleasure of seeing those things done to my wife....I almost went nuts. Should be female patient=female doc.

  • I'd bet that doctor didn't mind! Sorry lol

  • Yeah that would suck lol. I feel for her.

  • This is about the best post on this site. TOO FUNNY!!! Laugh about it. A lot. I'm sure you will when you're both a little bit older.

  • I'm laughing about this now! But you sound like a very sweet boyfriend and a decent guy (as well as a great storyteller). Hope otherwise, everything is going well.

  • First poster is right. Chalk it up to experience, move on (get a pregnancy test, though), and yes, one day you'll laugh about this.

  • Wow. I guess my day isn't as bad as it seems.

  • I hope you didn't c** in her because then it is possible she could get pregnant. But that aside it's pretty nice of you to care so much about your girlfriend. I'm sure she appreciates it. And as the above commenter said over time you will ease up and things will be back to normal. LOL funny story though.


  • Take her out to dinner, be extra sensitive. She's really a trooper.

    & I'd rather you be embarrassed at the doctor's office for losing a condom then being pregnant.
    Thanks for being responsible.

  • How embarrassing. You two will recover though. One day you'll laugh about it.

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