First Time Regret

I'm a 14 year old freshman in high school. Two Saturday's ago I went out with a guy who is a senior. I had never really made out with anyone and things got out of hand real quick. He didn't do anything I didn't agree to including fingering me which was all it took. When he said he wanted to s**** me I said ok. He put me down in the seat then took my panties off. Then he dropped his jeans and undies got on me starting in me. I ask if he wasn't supposed to use a condom but he ask if I wouldn't enjoy it more without one. Since he had already started I said ok. When he pushed I let out a big Ahhhh as he got all the way in. It was really good so we did it for a while then he ask if I was ready. I ask for what but before he could answer he shot his load . My whole body shivered and I just said Holy S*** as he kept doing more. When he finished he handed me my panties telling me to use them to keep anything from getting on the seat when he pulled out. I did and couldn't believe how much he had done. He wanted to know if I always enjoyed it that much. When I told him it was my first time he was surprised. He said I knew exactly what to do so he thought I knew what I was doing and was on birth control. He said should have told him to use a condom since I might get pregnant. Hopefully I didn't make a mistake because I now regret doing it without one.

Apr 29, 2019

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  • I hate to say this my dear, but at your age, you should be f****** and s****** every single day. There is so much wonderful teenage d*** in your school to try. Get to know some of the senior boys. I am sure they would help you.

  • Go find that boy and do it again. Let him try f****** you in the a**. It is safe and can provide hours and hours of fun.

  • So many stories in broken English🤔

  • I wish i would also get a piece out of you

  • Yeah me too, I would have kept her panties though I love sniffing and licking the crotch

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