I tore the condom and now worried

I met a an older woman on thanksgiving break. We danced some and it got pretty hot and heavy for us. We left the bar and got a hotel room for the night.
She had some condoms that were uncomfortable for me to wear. I had almost no feeling of her inside, so I gently tore the tip and ripped it back. I finished inside her and she ask why it was running of of her. Told her the condom ripped.
She seemed a bit upset but we went right back at it again with a new condom. I tore that one, finished in her again.
She did not ask again and the next time I just pulled it off completely. That time I finished inside her and just laid there letting it soak in her, feeling just got good and tight she was. Then with a slow stroke I got hard, we had one more time. She said do not finish in that condom two times, I will j*** you off when its time. I said that that condom had ripped and i tore it off a while back.
She got pretty upset, got up and went to wash her self out with water from the shower.
She told me that she was married, that she did not take any birth control due to her husband not being able to to produce a baby.
When I went home for new years she told me that her period did not come in December and not since. Wants to know if she is pregnant would i want to make a life with her. Her husband would not take the news so well.
if so we would have to move away from the area, or fear attacks from her husband.
I am a JR in college and not ready for a woman old enough to be my mom,. having a baby I have no idea if its mine of not.
Now I do not know if I push her toward an abortion or what.

Jan 5, 2015

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  • Young man you are exactly what I call a stupid piece of s***. So the rubber was uncomfortable well guess what you now have 18 years ahead of you of paying a weekly check for that uncomfortable feeling that you didn't enjoy. She wanted s** but you gave her breeding instead. All of you a******* out there who breed women as cattle should have your nuts cut off and fed back to you. Having the ability to have s** comes with responsibility but from what I see around the nation that isn't taught anymore. I hope that guy "hubby" has a nice shotgun and visits you in a parking lot. Can't wait to read the story stupid s*** shot by husband of whoring wife who he got pregnant.

  • ^This.^

  • Its her f****** problem. F*** her. She is marriaged and having s** with another man. Tell her that you just want to f*** again, and that it is her problem.

  • U in a junior college and you this dumb,dumping your seeds so recklessly bro? I don't feel sorry for you and never will,she gave you cheap,probably $3 protection condoms to save both of you hundreds of thousands in aggravation and you worked so hard to sabotage that.Now work even harder,longer to pay child support and raise the kid.Plus you acted more selfish and irresponsible than her and you the man,you may have to drop out of Junior College now and be the Senior dad:).Her marriage is ruined,despite the fact that she was cheating. I am not a saint,I have been with countless married women,I just try not to knock them up.

  • You f%cken idiot. You deserve it. You can't take the outcome then you shouldn't risk it. My advice is to Do yourself a favor and x yourself.

  • If he did how would you feel? Knowing you killed someone. We all do stupid things, some more stupid than others. I would advise him to look at himself and ask what he what type of person does he want to be? You have been an idiot definately and potentially ruined someone elses life or have you? Choose.

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