When I was 17 I used to go next door to my neighbour and have s** with him in his workshop. It all started when I was in sixth-form and had lots of free periods so I would wander into his workshop and tease him in my school uniform. The first time we did it I saw him masturbating through the window and he saw me watching him and beckoned me in. I locked the door and pulled the blind down and walked over to where he was sitting. His c*** was huge. He put his hand under my skirt and pushed two fingers inside my wet c***. I was dripping. He said he had wanted to f*** me for years and asked if he could. I said yes. He said he'd never fit inside me as I'd be too tight but it may help if I played with myself for a while and made myself even wetter. I layed on my back on some straw bales with my legs open and played with my c*** while he watched me. He stuck the tip of his c*** inside me just a bit and the wetter I got, the more he pushed. It felt amazing when I came and he was so excited he came straight away. It was so naughty and we did this for about two years. No one ever knew.

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  • joke! "and he beckoned me in" the only thing missing is Once upon a time...

  • Check out the way she spells "neighbour". She's British, not American. They don't talk like us; I think she's telling the truth.

  • It must be good living in fantasy land. -Dr .O

  • I call Bullshit.

  • wasn't this a story a p*** video?

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