Bad parents

I have a famliy how had a kid ok.One night my little cousent was playing with the stove and his dad fould him HIS DAD GRABED HIS HAND PUT IT OVER THE FIRE AND HE GOT BURNED HIS EAR WAS BURNED AND HIS DAD GOT IN JALI FOR THAT SO DON'T CALL THE POLICE HE'S IN JALI evey body reman com he's in jali ok.NEXT STORY.....OK i got a cousent how has a kids 2 of them the tret them like **** and the will grab them by the arm and drag the they will spank them for crying theres one name izai and cory.... thanks and thats my story

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  • My mother is a dominating rude old b**** and my father is a pigheaded drunken rude sneaky dirty old man. she constantly is so deaf and yells "shut up f*** off, shut up let me finish what I was saying!" "can you keep up with me" as any one could you so intelligent compared to my study? I just study you were born knowing it just cuz you read a few notes from your sisters nurse books, I can't even pass a nursing course so as if you ever deserved a husband. and then my father smoking drinking aggressive insulting old dirty b******. always walking past the bathroom when I am in it. and he actually pulls his pants down in the lounge to look at his d*** and check on his inconvenience pads. this is all getting too much for me. then my mother says she is depressed suddenly. they have been making me depressed for decades abusing me so learn to put up with it mother and father b******.

  • I saw "Stand By Me" too...
    good movie.

  • Stupidity isn't a drug .. Buy yourself a dictionary instead of a p*** mag next time round ...

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